Meet The Team


Dr Michael Fonso - Managing Director & AME

Mike is founder and Managing Director at Aeromedical Consulting UK. He is qualified in Aviation Medicine and has a wealth of experience in the industry having served as a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Air Force where he was Senior Medical Officer. He was Aeromedical Evacuation Coordinating Officer responsible for coordinating the medical repatriation of UK service personnel from the entire Middle East (except Afghanistan). He was also Chief Instructor at the RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine. He has worked for British Airways as an Aeromedical Examiner and is Medical Advisor to easyJet, advising on aeromedical policy. He is a regular speaker at Flight Instructor courses.

Dr Frank Voeten - Senior Aeromedical Examiner

Frank is an experienced pilot holding an FAA CPL/IR and EASA PPL and LAPL Gliding. Frank knows the ropes and enjoys providing aviation medical services to the aviation fraternity, not least as it gives him a good excuse to have a good chat about flying and all things related. Frank is the Medical Declaration Advisor for the British Gliding Association and Light Aircraft Association on a voluntary basis.

Mrs Jenifer Parker - Practice Manager

Jen has several years in medical administration in the NHS under her belt before joining Aeromedical Consulting as Practice Manager in March 2019. She is passionate about efficiency and improvement in the work environment and has a particular interest in psychology and wellbeing. While she does not fly herself (preferring the destination to the journey), her husband has been flying for more than 12 years – first under a PPL and subsequently as a professional ATPL so she has knowledge of the industry.  She lives in Warwickshire with her husband and toddler and is sometimes not sure which of the two is more challenging to take care of!

Mrs Samantha Guryn - Practice Nurse

Sam is a qualified nurse with both NHS and aeromedical experience. She is very familiar with the requirements of aircrew and ATCO medicals. She has an approachable and reassuring bedside manner which certainly helps when it comes to blood pressures.

Miss Giulia Baldassarre - Personal assistant to Dr Fonso

Giulia has a customer-focused background in the retail, leisure and tourism industry. She brings excellent client management skills to our business.